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We envy our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are destined to see Russia in 1940 as it is sure to be in the lead of the educated world, impose laws in science and art, and receive a reverent tribute from the enlightened humanity; our heart tells us that the second century of Russian literature will be glorious and brilliant: it was prepared by the previous century, that set literature on the right path, focusing on the Russian national character and absorbing the light of the world geniuses, the eldest sons in the family of the human race.

The professional and personal life of V.G. Belinsky is presented at this exhibition with the help of the creative work of People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Boris Ivanovich Lebedev, who thoroughly studied the heritage of the great critic. The works by B.I.Lebedev dedicated to V.G. Belinsky are a vivid illustrative series representing the entire creative career of the writer.

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